Sharon Stone – Brandambassador for Airfield

To feel like a star is now possible with Airfield Fashion as the brand's ambassador Sharon Stone demonstrates. The actress is a beautiful and confident woman who exudes passion, strength and intelligence. Thanks to her exuberant energy and discipline, she is also a woman who never tires of reinventing herself.

What led you to model in front of the camera for Airfield?
My manager got a call from Austria, and then we looked at the website and the online shop together and I fell in love on the spot. My decision was made.

You seem to have a particular love for Austria – how did that come about?
I was enchanted by Vienna the first time I visited. I was fascinated by the architecture, impressed by the culture, and I loved the food. I adore Austrian desserts. Twice a year I indulge in the luxury of having an Original Sacher-Torte sent to me from Vienna. The days after its arrival are genuine feast days for me.

You are working as a model once again for Airfield – how has the industry changed in recent years?
Things move a lot faster. A photo shoot takes only one day. And the materials of the garments are much more comfortable and prettier as well. Comfort and wearability are much higher priorities now.

What garment is an absolute must-have when you travel?
Black leather leggings and a white blouse or cashmere pullover - you’re always well-dressed and with high heels you always look sexy.

What’s your favorite Airfield outfit and why?
The slim-cut dress with a high percentage of stretch fabric – it gives you a stunning silhouette – and the coat with a fur hood.

Can you describe the typical Airfield woman?
Self-assured, curious, interested in fashion and frequently on the go. That’s why the high-tech materials Airfield uses are ideal for her. The Airfield woman doesn’t want to waste a lot of time with ironing or washing things by hand. She wants to wear the clothes and feel good.

Can you remember your key fashion experience?
I’ve always loved the movies of the 20s, 30s and 40s. The women always looked so beautiful. Their clothes were very elegant and feminine. I was very impressed, and that’s how I wanted to dress, too.

Have many of your dreams come true?
Yes, a lot of them have. And the best thing about that is that I have become a very happy person.

What is beauty, in your eyes?
For me, beauty is something you can discover every day if you encounter the world with your eyes wide open.