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Vienna Deluxe stands for boundless luxury and lifestyle at the highest level. The high-quality magazine focuses specifically on a target group that has an exceptional affinity with luxury. The successful concept  undertakes contemporary themes in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and trends, travel and enjoyment and art and design to the highest standards for extremely demanding readers.

The magazine is released four times a year in German, English and Russian and is dedicated exclusively to up-market lifestyle – an exquisite platform for business and high-quality leisure activities and lifestyle.

Vienna Deluxe is distributed at selected top adresses in Vienna and all over Austria and is available by subscription.

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Winter 2019

The winter and Christmas season is a really enchanting time in the Vienna city centre. Particularly if snowflakes are falling from the sky, covering the streets of the city with a glittering coat of snow, then you feel like you are in a wonderland. Snow-white Fiaker carriages pass by, the scent of roasted almonds lies in the air and a warming mulled wine in your hand. Really wonderful.
Exactly like the pages of the new Vienna Deluxe edition. Glittering jewels, inspirations for Christmas presents for everyone (and every child) as well as winter fashion highlights invite you to lean back and browse through it. Additionally, the delicate palate will be inspired by the city’s culinary highlights where especially during the cold season, you will love to stop, eat a bite and taste some wonderful festive menus. And once again our travel inspirations take the reader to exclusive destinations and to wonderful hotels and resorts.